About Us

Visit our store: 828 Spectrum Center Dr. Irvine, CA 92618 (Across Target) 

With retail stores spanning across 20 countries, Nature Republic opened its flagship store to the Southern California community in 2019 at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Embracing the belief that good skincare, enriched with natural ingredients, can be both affordable and accessible to all. 

We know skincare! 
At Nature Republic, we firmly believe that the key to good skin lies in layering a solid foundation with the right skincare regimen. Our approach begins with the essential steps: double cleansing, followed by a targeted treatment serum, and topped off with moisturizer and cream to seal the deal! It's the perfect recipe for radiant, healthy skin.

Why K-Beauty? 
Establishing a robust skincare regimen is deeply ingrained in South Korean culture, drawing inspiration from ancient traditional Hanbang ingredients. Nature Republic harnesses the power of globally sourced, natural-based ingredients, blending time-tested wisdom with cutting-edge science to craft effective solutions for various skin concerns, ranging from pore care, brightening to anti-aging.

Visit the Nature Republic store at the Irvine Spectrum Center and allow us to assist you in creating a skincare regimen tailored to address your specific skin concerns.